Marketing Mix: 10 Benefits Model for Business Success

Marketing Mix Model For Business

Marketers have a tough task on hand of formulating a perfect strategy that can pass test of time and competition. With an increasing tussle to conquer digital territory, demands for fully optimized marketing plan have skyrocketed. Businesses are utilizing marketing mix strategy to gain competitive edge in the online world.

Marketing mix model considers all the variables while formulating a hero strategy for your business firm. It is critical to drive sales and business success with effective evaluation of different factors impacting return on investment. MMM is heavily dependent on four major elements with extra three added in recent times. The 7 P elements include:

  • Product fitting customer requirements
  • Place where customer find your product
  • Price customers need to pay
  • Promotional methods to reach customers
  • People interacting with customers
  • Process through which product reach customers
  • Physical Evidence verifying your product/service

Seven Ps of marketing mix model is instrumental in setting any digital plan in action. Following are some of the ways it can help business firms grow in this saturated online space.

Considers Variables For Long-Term Planning

A good marketing strategy stands firm irrespective of trends and market conditions. Marketers should consider all the variables capable of affecting plan in the near future. Factors such as customer requirements and market trends along with competition can affect the feasibility of strategy in online marketplace.

A study from Smart Insights claims that around forty five percent of businesses lack a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. Marketing Mix Model can effectively fill this gap by evaluating all possible variables to formulate clear cut long-term plan for digital efforts.

It conducts a comprehensive analysis before making any decision. It considers all the marketing and non-marketing factors to develop long-term plan for your business success. Marketing mix run analysis on all marketing platforms to work towards proper implementation of plan.

Facilitates Implementation Of Planning

Once marketers formulate a well thought out plan for your digital needs, they can utilize marketing mix to work towards its effective implementation. Knowing a proper layout for successful business can streamline the implementation process. MMM is instrumental in both the steps with its proper study of all variables and industry gaps.

When a cosmetic company runs its business idea through aggressive marketing mix remodeling, a proper layout toward success is obtained. Cosmetic company will promote its product on medium approachable by female target audience. Businesses find target audience and marketplace with proper analysis. Once the target is identified, it can further be utilized to work towards reaching customers.

Implementation can further be facilitated utilizing marketing mix to identify right promotional methods and proper allocation of resources.

Guides In Resource Allocation Process

Having an ideal marketing plan doesn’t guarantee a successful business. Businesses need to have proper implementation strategies to turn their plan into reality. Financial resources are key in implementation of any kind of plan. Marketing mix utilizes various analytical methods to identify the ideal use of resources bringing the best out of them.

A good mix will consider the customer satisfaction and positive brand image along with profits before allocating the resources. It enables companies to allocate money and other office resources to strategy bringing the most for business success.

A thorough study by McKinsey claims that nearly eighty three percent of business executives consider resource allocation the most signification growth factor. The statistics glorify the importance of right allocation of resources in driving business success.

Evaluates Cost To Benefit Elasticity

After allocating the resources, it is necessary to keep close eye on benefits you are getting from utilizing those resources. Marketing mix provides an insight into the performance of allocated finances in specific areas. These insights help businesses evaluate return on investment and campaign effectiveness.

One can assume that increasing the salespersons will definitely increase the sales and profits. More number of salesperson can also mean greater salary expenses and lower profit margins. It is crucial to evaluate the cost to benefit ratio in order to determine profitable path for your business.

Perfect marketing mix is the one that strike a good balance between and revenue. Businesses should only increase the allocated resources until they are bringing positive returns. If financial and human resources are bringing negative revenue, it is time to evaluate your marketing mix.

Helps Assign Responsibilities To Workforce

Marketing efforts require a healthy teamwork to make the plan work. An efficient marketing mix model will help determine the capabilities of each team member. These analysis in return facilitates the process of allocation of resources.

Some team members may have specialty in product management while others are good in customer management. Businesses need to run a detailed capability analysis to get the best out of employees. Responsibility assignment matrix is an important application of MMM utilized for defining roles and responsibilities of workers.

Marketing managers should have a good grip on marketing mix to allocate the responsibilities. It is crucial to identify right person for job that suits him best.

Assists In Communication Process

Businesses should develop a coordination among team members after assigning responsibilities to them. Marketing mix facilitates the communication process by providing enough data about job description of each member.

A recent study proves that over ninety six percent of employees demand empathetic communication approach in workplace. The fact highlights the significance of healthy communication in the office settings.

If each person understands the responsibility of his team members, communication process will automatically be streamlined. Everyone in the company will know who to contact for specific task when the need arises. Streamlining communication will effectively boost inter-departmental coordination to bring more profits and drive sales.

Finds The Right Marketplace

Once businesses have a working plan and resources along with effective team, it is crucial to find the right marketplace to promote products. Selection of marketplace is instrumental in success of any business plan. An efficient marketing model will help marketers identify right marketplace where they can maximize sales and drive profits.

A right mix will help businesses reach their target audience with effective evaluation of all market variables. According to Shopify, around two hundred and twenty million customers shop online in United States. It is importance to identify right digital marketplace to sell your products to find targeted customers.

Instagram has emerged as an excellent marketplace for cosmetic and clothing brands. Influencers are actively promoting cosmetics and clothes for new startups to bring more sales. Similarly, Tik Tok is a great marketplace to promote new trendy gadgets.

Formulates Effective Promotional Strategy

An effective promotional strategy will help convert your target audience into profit giving customers. Promotions serve as a bridge guiding leads on a sales funnel. Once leads have proper connection with brands, they will surely develop loyalty towards company.

Marketing mix assists in determining the areas in need of promotional activity to bring profits. Discounts and seasonal sales seem to cut profits of company. However, they are effective way to boost profit with right promotional plan. Promotional mix including sampling and discounts are major inducers of sales. Striking the right balance between discounts and revenue is instrumental to conquer profitable sales.

Improves Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is one of the major benefits of marketing mix model. Marketing model combined with latest technological advancements will fill any gap in your marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are augmenting the efforts of mix to give a look into the future of your business firm.

Marketing model analyzes different variables to give businesses insights into future. It studies market trends and customer requirements to give predictive impact of your efforts. When businesses have clear idea about these variable, they can prepare beforehand to fight any problem.

Ability to predict the effectiveness of your efforts will prepare you for all the future problem that may arise in implementation of plans. It also helps to generate personalized strategies to meet the requirements of market and customers.

Gives An Evaluation Metrics

An effective marketing mix model provides working evaluation metrics to assess performance of marketing strategy. Return on investment is an important metric to help identify any lapse in digital plans. All the insights provided by the mix will serve as KPIs to judge business success.

When firms have clear idea about effectiveness of marketing efforts, they can implement data-driven decisions to overcome any shortcomings. Employees are forty two percent more likely to complete tasks on time when they are actively evaluated.

If businesses have a right mechanism to evaluate employees and strategies, they can identify the area of weakness. Once weakness is identified, businesses can work to eliminate weakness and bring better results. All these factors eventually drive more sales and business success.

Final Thoughts

Every business firm has its unique demands and one fixed marketing mix can’t fulfill these demands. One thing is for sure that every business can take benefit from the pearls of marketing mix model. Marketing firms implement MMM to optimize each step from planning to evaluation of digital marketing.

The Techno Studio UK has all the right ingredients to devise a perfect marketing mix for your business. Our team delivers insights to optimize your digital marketing strategy and drive business success.

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