18 Best Local SEO Software That Boost Search Engine Ranking in 2023

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of local SEO in digital marketing. Local and global businesses alike cannot afford to neglect their web presence.

18 Best Local SEO Software That Boost Search Engine Ranking in 2023

You may use local SEO strategies to increase your exposure and engage your audience. Further, Best Local SEO software may help you keep track of rankings, gain insight into your competitors, generate SEO-optimized keywords, track your progress, and encourage consumer participation.

The Importance of Local SEO

It doesn’t matter how many locations your business has; a strong local search presence is essential for generating more leads and conversions. As a consequence, your whole SEO approach should incorporate local SEO.

You may use the SEO methods this article covers to improve your website’s local search rankings. To test or fully comprehend the functions of the following tools, you must have a basic understanding of local SEO. It’s also important to know how it differs from more traditional forms of search engine optimization.

Semrush Listing Management Software

The Listing Management tool makes adding and updating your company’s information simpler than ever in the most prominent  directories. To ensure that your listings are accurate across all platforms, you may utilize the program to monitor and change them after the fact.

The best local SEO software can track customer reviews, how well your company ranks in your target city and your current local search performance in all your target cities. Setting up the application to send you location information through email eliminates the need to check in constantly.


Using Georanker, you can see how your website ranks in different locations worldwide. Heat maps with varying colors are used to indicate the areas of the website that are doing well. Users may track down the sources of their rivals’ citations using a built-in citation tool. This information may be used to build focused efforts to improve or maintain one’s position in the market. The specific position of the user’s chosen destination is displayed via the local rank tracker.

Growth Bar (Chrome Extension)

Free local SEO tool Growthbar may be used as a standalone Chrome extension or as a standalone application. For competitive analysis and local keyword research, a tool is used to track the position of a website’s most popular keywords.

With Growthbar, you can keep tabs on your competition and see how they rank in terms of domain authority.


Yext’s Review Monitoring feature connects to third-party review sites, allowing you to monitor and respond to reviews from all of your locations. In addition, you may post any first-party customer feedback you get on your website. Your company’s listings may be voice search optimized with Yext’s strong capabilities.

Additional services provided by Yext include the following:

  • The collection of information, actions, and data to make reporting more efficient
  • Preventing the creation of redundant listings.
  • Cleaning up data to make sure it’s accurate.
  • Google Business Profiles & Listings You may modify the platform and then publish them to GBP at any time.

Semrush Position Tracking Software

You may use the Position Tracking tool to keep tabs on your website’s search engine rankings for certain keywords. Targeting a specific device or geographic location makes it an excellent local SEO tool. However, the number of keywords you may monitor is restricted.

With the position Tracking mobile app, you can monitor your location tracking campaigns anytime and from any location.


On search engines, local directories, and review sites, Synup keeps track of your company’s performance. To ensure the accuracy of your citations, Synup examines over 200 local search engines and directories.

Among other things, it can monitor your website’s traffic and rankings, notify you when people leave comments so you can respond, and sync your location data across many websites.

SE Ranking

This all-in-one SEO software provides a wide range of beneficial functions for small businesses to large corporations, as well as for local SEO and SEO in general.

SE Ranking’s Features:

  • Local SEO marketing strategy components and recommendations that are specific to your region
  • Tools for checking on-page SEO and in-depth evaluations of websites
  • Track your local ranks using a keyword rank tracker.
  • Be aware of off-site SEO factors like backlinks.
  • SEO and Google Ads keyword research and competitive analysis tools.
  • Use a robust report builder to customize and monitor local SEO results.

SE Ranking is the best option on the market for new local businesses or those with a limited budget because of its feature set and affordability.


To help local businesses manage and build their local search operations, BrightLocal provides a cost-effective set of the best local SEO software.

BrightLocal’s features are the following:

  • Search engine optimization audits for local search.
  • Audit GMB listings, keep an eye on local ranking signals and learn about Google My Business
  • Keep an eye on the rankings of keywords in Google and Bing using a simple rank tracker and local SEO reports.
  • Search engine results for a certain location can be shown as a top-down grid.
  • Clean up and submit local citations to the proper directories after you’ve gathered them.
  • Regardless of whether or not you continue to provide services, your listings will not be erased.
  • Submit your company’s data manually to the most popular data aggregation networks.
  • Tools for launching review campaigns, tracking online reviews, and presenting reviews are available.

BrightLocal is a low-cost tool that may help increase your local search engine results by making your listings more prominent.


Whitespark provides the best local SEO software and services, both free and paid. Local rank trackers, SEO checklists, review and reputation building tools, citation and GMB research tools, and listing administration services.

Features of Whitespark are the following:

  • With the listing service, business citations are manually sent to listing sites. Any existing and duplicate citations that are discovered are cleaned up on some sites, depending on the package.
  • Submit your company citations to the biggest data aggregator networks.
  • Tools for researching GMB listing rivals and finding local citation chances.
  • The reputation-building tool includes review monitoring and reports, review management and response, a review widget for marketing your reviews, and automatic email and SMS capabilities to help acquire reviews.
  • Track terms in organic and local search results using the local rank tracker tool.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

To get insight into your site’s structure, page components, crawl issues and opportunities for improving local SEO performance, you may use Screaming Frog SEO Spider. This free download crawls and analyzes many website URLs.

SEO Spider Screaming Frog Features are the following:

  • Crawl any website in real-time, including your own and your rivals.
  • Check out the page names, meta descriptions, subheaders, word counts, and inbound links, among other things.
  • Identify redirects, and URLs that search engines have banned
  • Consider how your local pages relate to the rest of your site.
  • You may obtain statistics for all your URLs in one crawl by linking your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights accounts.
  • Keep track of the progress in correcting SEO issues and looking for new options by auditing and comparing crawls.

Reviewing small local business websites for on-site SEO improvements is a snap using Screaming Frog’s free version.

The tool quickly detects internal and external links to other websites, broken or redirected links, meta-descriptions, titles, headers, and other SEO-related aspects.


Birdeye is messaging platform, which offers many ways of contact, and sets it apart from other local SEO solutions. It allows organizations to use an omnichannel strategy to acquire leads, convert consumers, and delight them.

Features of Birdeye include:

  • Combine data from several websites into a single dashboard for easier monitoring.
  • Gather and manage feedback from over 200 platforms.
  • Text messaging, email, webchat, live chat, and chatbots are all supported by Birdeye.

Moz Local

Moz Local may be the most renowned local SEO tool on our list because of the company’s reputation in the search market over the past decade. Moz Local makes it easier for your business to be found locally and ensures that your listings are up-to-date, consistent, and easy to find throughout the web.

Moz Local, for example, uploads exact geographic data for your business to all primary data aggregators and web directories, enabling you to remove duplicate business listings and easily update your business listings.

The following features of Moz Local are:

  • Manage, manage, and optimize your online listings to monitor their health and performance.
  • Most major directories and data aggregators receive your listing information in real-time from Moz Local.
  • Claim your Google My Business profile and keep it up to date with Moz Local.
  • When you change your basic or enhanced listing data, Moz Local automatically updates the rest of the Local Search ecosystem.
  • It’s easy to monitor your company’s most current online evaluations and ratings from a single spot.


Chatmeter is a local SEO tool that assists multi-location businesses in keeping track of their web listings, reviews, and social media. Its local listing management tool assists you in identifying areas that require attention. It allows you to boost your listings by adding photographs, menus, services, and other Google features. You may also make mass changes to your listings.

Features of Chatmeter include:

  • Use a local SEO tracking tool to implement your “near me” approach.
  • A Local Brand Visibility (LBV) score compares your brand’s online visibility to that of competitors.
  • A text and sentiment analysis engine for gauging consumer sentiment.
  • Voice enhancement.

Surfer Local

Surfer Local manages, optimizes, and positions GBP listings. To better your local SEO strategy, you may use this tool to examine your competition. With the aid of the GBP audit tool, you can improve your company listing on Google 10 times more quickly.

Features of Surfer Local are the following:

  • Use the Local Rank Tracker to keep track of your SEO activities.
  • A keyword research tool that provides statistics and advice.


For businesses, SOCi is a multi-location marketing platform. Marketers who wish to manage local search, social, reputation, and communications across several locations may use this command center.

SOCi has the following features:


Through digital technology, Uberall helps brick-and-mortar businesses stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace. With the help of Uberall, businesses may get listed and cited on search engine results pages. Tracking the consumer experience from discovery to repurchase is also possible with Uberall CoreX.

Uberall’s features include:

  • Improve the relevance of your data to local search ranking factors.
  • Create interesting local social media material for the development of online groups.


Best Local SEO software, including rank tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, and competition analysis, are available at Mangools.

Following features of Mangools are:

  • Tools that are simple to use for finding low-competition and local terms.
  • The rank tracking application is aesthetically pleasing and offers simple reporting options. Mangools features are the following:
  • Monitor your site’s search engine authority, including the most authoritative material, backlinks, and the level of opposition it faces.
  • Examine the off-site domain authority metrics of comparable websites.
  • Examine local search engine results pages to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

It’s fun and easy to use Mangools’ KWFinder keyword research tool to find new, low-competition keywords.

Mangool’s SERPWatcher software is perfect for anyone looking for a simple yet visually appealing keyword position tracker with daily rank tracking updates.


In addition to accurate daily ranking updates for a wide range of local keywords, Nightwatch also provides site audits and reporting tools for many other websites.

Features of the Nightwatch are:

  • The greatest SEO rank tracking tool for local and service-area firms who need to track many keyword ranks for different locations.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ local rankings and compare them to yours.
  • Group keywords by location, device, and more using various filtering options, such as keyword tags, search engine, location, device, and ranking position.
  • Identify SEO issues and opportunities by doing a site evaluation
  • Use your website’s backlinks to generate ranking reports automatically.
  • Analytics and Search Console integration allows you to view your site’s traffic and other Google statistics in a visually appealing interface.


For brick-and-mortar businesses, local SEO is no longer an option. For the most part, local SEO and listing management services are available to help you avoid the most common local SEO pitfalls. You may use these tools to watch rankings, update location and business information, locate SEO-friendly keywords, and monitor customer reviews.

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