5 Top Differences Between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Marketing is like running a business in the dark, according to some. While we cannot refute this, it is impossible to deny that the wrong marketing plan may not only result in wasted resources but also end up costing more money in the long term. This underscores how vital it is for business owners and marketers in charge to know the variety of marketing jargon being hurled around.

Email marketing vs marketing automation is important to a company’s success because they allow it to increase its lead generation and convert them into paying customers.

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What Is Email Marketing

You may boost brand awareness, customer loyalty, and trust by using email marketing in this way. To attract the reader’s interest, the email should include a clear subject line, a relevant description, clear text, eye-catching images, and a prominent call to action or subscription button.

Email Marketing VS Marketing Automation 2023: 5 Best Differences​

Businesses That Want To Reap The Most Benefits From Email Marketing vs marketing automation Should

  • By building an email list, avoid spamming those who have no interest in our products or services.
  • Using simple subject lines and adhering to the guidelines, such as explicitly stating how to unsubscribe, are important.
  • Be relatable to customers to build a relationship of trust.
  • Follow a set schedule religiously.
  • Show consideration for the audience


  • It’s less expensive and faster than sending letters the old-fashioned way.
  • Using it for mass email distribution is a possibility.
  • Increased business opportunities are possible with precise targeting.

What Is Marketing Automation

For firms that have extended sales cycles and various product lines that offer stand-alone or integrated solutions to customers, it is beneficial to use complex lead tracking systems. This refers to technology and software platforms that sell across many channels and automate tedious processes. Additionally, it helps to generate more leads.

Email Marketing VS Marketing Automation 2023: 5 Best Differences​


Market Intelligence is the practice of tracking client web behavior using tracking codes. These findings are utilized to create market categories based on consumer behavior.

Business Development aims to move potential customers along the sales funnel, from awareness to conversion. Customers’ stated interests, lead ranking and behavioral indicators are used to classify and rank leads.

Email Marketing VS Marketing Automation 2023: 5 Best Differences​

Internal Activities like budgeting, marketing planning, and digital market asset management can be automated by workflow.


  • Competency
  • Lead scoring
  • Accurate reporting
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Personalized marketing strategy

Email Marketing VS Marketing Automation 2023: 5 Best Differences​

Similarities Between Automation And Email Marketing

  • Both are critical methods for producing new customers through marketing campaigns generating leads.
  • Both are based on the internet.

Five Differences Between Email Marketing VS Marketing Automation

  1. Complexity
  2. Sales cycle
  3. B2B Vs B2C
  4. Assets
  5. Behavior tracking

Email Marketing VS Marketing Automation 2023: 5 Best Differences​


Businesses with limited marketing resources and budgets are unlikely to invest in elaborate marketing plans. We’re not obligated to do so either. It’s possible to run highly-effective email marketing vs marketing automation campaigns if we know our customers, create content tailored to their needs, and keep track of your results.

If we want to succeed, we must be able to control every moving part simultaneously. Marketing automation can help us to achieve better results, but only if we have the time, skill, and resources to devote to it. Marketing automation programs utilize various channels and methods compared to simple email marketing efforts.

Small marketing staff is common when we are just starting. If we can’t track customer behavior across all channels and use that data to optimize efforts, we should stick with email marketing. Overstretched efforts are better served by creating targeted marketing that gives clients the information they need while still being attractive and useful.

Sales Cycle

Toothbrushes and televisions are advertised in vastly different ways. Each product’s sales cycle demands a specific marketing approach. Many people buy many toothbrushes on the spur of the moment during their lifetime, but it takes far longer to decide on a television.

We should serve more time to dedicate our customers through the purchasing process if we’re selling high-ticket items like televisions. Marketing automation is better suited to long sales cycles with many clients and our firm interactions. Customers require more time and information to consider their options fully.

Email marketing vs marketing automation is ideal for quick, uncomplicated decisions and low-value products since customers may get all the single information email. It would only be an effective strategy if we already had a relationship with the customer and had engaged with them through multiple channels.

B2B Vs B2C

B2B (business to business) organizations’ longer sales cycles are better matched by marketing automation, which works better for companies with specialized sales teams. If we work in marketing for a B2C (business to customer) company, we are typically the one selling to clients. When we do communicate with leads, it’s usually via email. Our goal is to persuade them to complete the purchase by directing them to our website or physical store.

Although we occasionally interact with the customer, we won’t be directly involved in the sale itself. It’s quick and easy to use email marketing vs marketing automation to get our message to customers in a way that motivates them to buy. Transactional emails and newsletters aren’t the only options available to us. As an alternative, the most advanced email marketing tools help you create a wide range of email content, such as

  • a list of satisfied customers
  • Abandoned-cart notifications via email.
  • Notifications of upcoming flash sales
  • Rewarding customers for their loyalty

B2B sales teams have to interact with a wide variety of customers. Before closing a deal, B2B salespeople frequently speak with potential customers during the sales cycle. There is so much to remember that they need a marketing automation tool.


When creating and maintaining email campaigns, all we need to worry about is the content that goes into each message. Whether that’s how to write a marketing email, graphic design considerations, other interactive components, or a signup page to help expand your list.

Advertising campaigns, social media posts, photographs, and assets all require design and management when utilizing marketing automation. Much more effort is required, as well as a level of competence in technical, graphic design, and content.

It would help if we employed marketing automation to guarantee that each item appropriately reflects our brand, is error-free and works flawlessly from a technical perspective.

Behavior Tracking

Email marketing vs marketing automation. Email marketing keeps track of the results of our email campaigns. To improve underperforming campaigns, we may learn from this data what makes them successful and what needs to be changed. For example, a recipient’s email type can be utilized to modify content, but we have no idea what previous contacts had experience with your organization.

In reality, a customer’s path to make a purchase generally encompasses multiple channels and is not linear. Marketing automation solutions help us track consumer activity across many channels to design customized campaigns that take advantage of this knowledge, such as which channels clients prefer.

Email Marketing VS Marketing Automation 2023: 5 Best Differences​

These include your participation such as:

  • Internet presence
  • Web-based social networking platforms
  • Advertisements that are now running on your site
  • The use of in-store technology, such as iPads, in the workplace

Marketing automation systems can also automatically deliver emails or other marketing messages based on specific user behaviors.

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