Fastest Ways To Increase Domain Authority

You may improve your website’s ranking on Google by how to increase my domain authority. Google will only show results from highly authoritative websites in many competitive industries. Moz has created domain authority since its inception.

What Is a Domain’s Authority

A website’s domain authority is a ranking number used by search engines to determine how likely it is to appear in search results (SERPs). Scores range from one to one hundred, with higher scores suggesting greater ranking potential.

16 Tips On how to increase my domain authority in 2023

According to Moz, various factors calculate domain authority, including connecting root domains and total backlinks. Although domain authority suggests success, it does not ensure it. It is important to keep in mind. Increases in DA won’t immediately impact your website’s search engine rankings because Google doesn’t use the measure.

What Does Mean the High Domain Authority Score

How to build your domain authority scale ranges from one hundred points, with one being the lowest and the highest. With a greater domain authority, you are more likely to see an increase in online traffic and your search engine rankings. When a new website goes up, its domain authority is automatically set to 1. Concerning domain authority, a larger number of external connections means a better ranking on search engines like Google, whereas fewer inbound links mean a lower DA.

It’s a good idea to analyze your site by comparing it to other, closely related or comparable websites. Your DA may fluctuate over time, and because there are so many moving parts, it can be tough to figure out why it changed. Several factors can influence your ranking, according to

It’s conceivable that their index hasn’t yet seen an increase in your link profile. The scaling process can also be distorted if higher-authority sites see rapid link growth. The domain authority of sites at the lower end of the spectrum may be more affected by this instability.

Links from sites that don’t aid your Google ranking may also be there. A change in the number of domains that Moz checks when crawling your site might affect the results.

What’s Driving You to Improve Your DA, and Why

What is the most important question I have for you, a person who works for the company that founded domain authority? There is no effect on your search engine rankings because the search engine does not use DA. A domain’s authority is designed to be a predictor, not a driver, of success. Ridiculous how to increase my domain authority to raise it.

How to Boost Your Domain Authority

You might be able to boost your Domain Authority this way. You can do the following in just three easy steps:

Get The Basics Right

Set up your website appropriately first and foremost. Making your site fast and simple to use on a mobile phone or tablet is part of this process and optimizing your on-page content. To help you get started how to increase my domain authority, here are a few pointers:

  • Search engines like Google use internal links to crawl and index data. Thus, they’re a boon. Ensure that the anchor text you’re using is relevant to the website you’re connecting to.
  • Ensure that your website should be mobile-friendly. It is more likely that your content will be linked when your website is mobile-friendly.
  • To guarantee that your website loads quickly, you may utilize PageSpeed Insights. Bounce rates on sluggish websites are considered a major red signal by search engines like Google and Bing.

Build High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are the most important factor in determining a site’s domain authority, and the more you have, the better your score will be. Link building is the subject of an in-depth post we wrote, which we recommend you read. For the time being, how to increase your domain authority keep in mind the following:

16 Tips On how to increase my domain authority in 2023

  • No one will connect to your website if you don’t have excellent content. When creating content for the internet, make sure it’s better than what is already out there. Hard work will be worth it.
  • To have great content is not enough if no one knows about it. The more people who know about your work, the greater your chances of getting a backlink. Please get the word out by emailing and posting it on social media.
  • Establish the following phases in your link-building strategy: High-quality content and an effective online marketing plan will get the ball moving. You’ll need to be more proactive when it comes to link building. To do so, you need to get in touch with reputable websites and ask for a link back to your own. As we explain in our link-building guide above, there are good and bad ways to develop links.
  • There are some reasons why you might be allowed to include a link to your website in a post. It’s also a brilliant idea to write guest posts for high-traffic websites to gain additional backlinks. As a second benefit, if readers appreciate your guest post and want to find more of the same, they may visit your website and connect to your material.

Reduce Low-Quality Backlinks

  • A link is only as good as the next one. Get high-quality links and eliminate low-quality ones to boost your domain authority score. However, this elevates the question of what constitutes an effective relationship.
  • Good connections are those that originate from a trusted source.” An authoritative link from the New York Times would be regarded as high-quality because the newspaper is well-known and highly respected. Links from low-quality websites, on the other hand, would be regarded as bad.
  • Using a tool like SEMrush to identify backlinks that harm your domain authority score is the quickest and easiest approach to eliminating low-quality connections. Don’t forget to delete them from the list once you’ve finished compiling it if you can.

How to Calculate Domain Authority

You need to know how to calculate your Domain Authority to increase your ranking. I can tell that neither Moz nor Ahrefs disclose how they get at their positions in the search engine results. However, this is something that we are well aware of.

Moz’s information about a domain is compiled into a single score to arrive at the Domain Authority score. Use a logarithmic scale of 1 to 100 for this ranking.

Since we’ve established that:

  • This is the total amount of incoming links to a specific domain.
  • Information about the metrics of the corresponding root domain.

The Domain’s Authority (Ahrefs)

When it comes to domain authority, Ahrefs and Moz have a lot of similarities. According to logarithmic scoring, all of the database’s sites are scored out of 100.

Ahrefs, on the other hand, goes into more detail on the components that go into their computations. Three elements have the greatest influence on a person’s life:

16 Tips On how to increase my domain authority in 2023

  • Your Domain’s interconnectedness. A link that does not influence search engine results is disregarded.
  • Indicators of other sites’ Domain Ratings. A high DR website’s link typically has a bigger impact than a low DR website’s link.
  • The number of links a domain has to other websites. Even if several domains may be connected from the same site, the link from a site with fewer ties to other domains is more important.

Domain Authority VS. Page Authority

PA (page authority) is an exact match for domain authority (DA). Rather than ranking the entire site, it focuses on a single page. Low Domain Authority sites may outrank higher DA competitors by raising the Page Authority of their articles.

16 Tips On how to increase my domain authority in 2023

Indeed, Ahrefs found that the number of links pointing to a page was a better indicator of how good the page will rank on Google than DR. When calculating a page’s PA, Moz takes the number of backlinks into account. When your Page Authority increases, so does your Domain Authority.

How to Increase My Domain Authority

The greatest way to increase your Domain Authority is to gain backlinks from high-authority websites. If you haven’t already, creating a strategy for generating links is a good place to start.

In the next six paragraphs, we’ll detail how to improve your DA and DR.

Attract More Links

How to increase my domain authority, your domain’s metrics should be improved by building as many do-follow links as feasible. Even if spammy sites should be avoided, for the time being, connections from high-quality but low-DA domains will nevertheless assist your rankings in rising.

You may increase your link count by following these tips. You can learn more about these strategies in our tips on link building for affiliate sites, e-commerce, and legal.

Improve Your Content

To boost link building, the first step is to develop content that people want to connect to. Unique content has a higher chance of being linked. The following is an example of a scenario:

  • Research or findings
  • For breaking news, you’re a good source.
  • There are a lot of different and interesting points of view here.
  • A useful set of instruments
  • Intriguing long-form content that’s worth reading.
  • Data collection and analysis.

The quality of your work should be on par with the best in the field, if not better. If it isn’t, they will connect to rival sites.

Ideally, others will find your content and link to it in their pieces, which is what you want and the problem is that this isn’t always true. A lack of traffic might make it even more difficult. Marketing your product may need to use outreach techniques in this situation.

Outreach to Other Websites

The moment has come for you to reach out to people in your profession once you’ve produced high-quality, linkable content. Please get the word out about your website and what it has to offer to other websites. You may find websites to contact using Ahrefs. Select “competing domains” in the “site explorer” after entering your website or another in your niche.

Unlinked Mentions

To get in touch with the publication’s editors, you first need to get in touch with them yourself. People who have mentioned your website but haven’t linked to it can be found using this link-building method. As a general rule, the owner will be happy to oblige.

While it may appear to be a lot of work, most of it might be automated. Set up a Google Alert notification for the name of your business. Check the website if you get a marketing email or notification to see if it is relevant to you. Request the link if it hasn’t come yet by sending them an email.

This strategy works best for websites with a long history of success. If people aren’t aware of your website, it’s doubtful they’ll bring it up in conversation.

Niche Edits and Paid Links

Niche editing occurs when you ask a website owner to link your article to their current content. Getting links to specific content on similar websites is a straightforward process when it works.

Paying for links is against Google’s rules, yet it is common practice in some sectors. If a website owner agrees to do this, they will almost always want cash for the link. Without such action, it may not be easy to recognize progress.

We’ll take a closer look at this piece’s concept of specialty edits.

Posting on High-Authority Websites as a Guest Blogger

As a link-building strategy, guest posting has been around for a long time. You can still get connections from high DA sites, though, provided you follow the recommended measures. To begin with, steer clear of spammy websites that charge you to write a guest article. Try to find sites with high domain authority, a receptive audience, and real traffic instead.

There must be may or may not be a “Write for us” or “Contribute” section on these websites, but it is quite unlikely. Your articles must be of a high standard and add real value to the website visitors if you want them to be accepted.

You may find more information about these two high-quality sites by looking at their domain authority.


If you’d want to contribute to Hubspot’s marketing, sales, customer service, and website blogs, you’re encouraged to do so. As a result, the company has enlisted experts’ expertise to ensure that its material is interesting to readers.

As a result, entries on the site’s blog must adhere to tight standards. On its marketing blog, it outlines a lengthy set of standards. They claim that it only ever accepts the following:


Its Entrepreneur Leadership Network category is open to guest contributions, and Entrepreneur has a DA 92 site. The company maintains strong editorial criteria, just like Hubspot does, regarding the sorts of posts it will publish.

Get Links Fro10m Sites with Traffic

You can easily check to see if a website is genuine using various methods. The DA score from Moz checks to see if the links come from reputable, high-traffic websites. If it doesn’t, the search engine’s algorithm

 will most likely ignore the link.

First, use an SEO tool such as Ahrefs or Moz to verify whether or not a site gets the real organic traffic from search engines. You may also utilize Ubersuggest, a limited free plan for searching for websites.

Using these tools, you may know how much traffic a website gets each month. Our team at Linkbuilder is looking for websites that receive at least 1,000 organic visitors a month to join our network.

Get Links from Growing Websites

Connecting to sites in the early stages of development but gaining momentum might be beneficial. As their DR rises, you gain more advantages from a link from a higher-ranking site. It’s better to get a connection from a site that appears to be increasing but has a low DA than one with a higher DA but a reduced chance of benefiting.

16 Tips On how to increase my domain authority in 2023

Ahrefs is a good tool for tracking the evolution of a website’s backlink profile over time. It depends on time until the site expands further.

Build Links More Quickly

Due to Domain Authority being a comparative indicator, your score may decrease even if you increase the number of backlinks on your site. However, remember that DA doesn’t only look at websites in your niche; it also considers all websites on the internet. Even if your overall DA score has decreased, you may still have a DA advantage over your direct competitors if you have grown your backlink profile faster.

Even if you have a solid link-building strategy, external factors may prevent you from seeing large gains in these metrics.

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