6 Effective Lead Generation Tactics for Startups in 2023

6 Lead Generation Strategies That Work For Startups In 2023

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of any business, but it can be especially challenging for startups. With limited resources and a need to establish a customer base quickly, startups must be strategic and efficient in their lead-generation efforts.

Fortunately, there are a variety of tactics and tools that startups can use to generate leads and grow their business. Some popular strategies include leveraging social media, creating valuable content, and running intense remarketing campaigns. By implementing a comprehensive lead generation plan, startups can increase their visibility and attract potential customers.

Significance Of Generating Leads for Startups

The lead generator gathers useful information, such as site visitors’ names and email addresses, that may be used to nurture targeted leads. You would need more than randomly contact people for an effective lead-generation strategy. Instead, only target those who have already shown interest in your offer.

Research shows that approximately 60% of online Marketing businesses find new clients by targeting leads already interested in the respective products/services. Also, leads generated like this are twice as profitable as those obtained by more conventional means. Therefore, the likelihood of striking a bargain with such individuals is significantly increased.

Lead generation techniques that emphasize the collaboration of the marketing and sales teams can be an economical answer to the problem of low conversion rates. Following are some most effective methods with which professional firms like The Techno Studio UK can generate leads for startups:

Make Enticing Opt-In Pages For People

Turn every engaging opportunity, like a webinar, live demos, or free PDFs, to get a response on your call to action. You can send PDFs of your blog posts, worksheets, resource guides, and recipes in turn of email or contact information.

 Change each blog post into a form where people can sign up.

People won’t respond to your call to action every time. Compel them to do so with engaging opt-in pages. During testing, it was found to increase conversion rates by 32%.

Monitor Results To Testify Strategy

Adapting a preformulated lead generation strategy is risky, no matter how good the advice may be. This doesn’t mean you should disregard solid recommendations; rather, it emphasizes the need for rigorous testing.

Testing the strategy is important even if you don’t feel the need to do so. For example, PPC campaigns will only give you benefits if you are monitoring the number of sales conversions and customer acquisition costs.

A First-person perspective in your content can significantly enhance the results. According to an experiment, conversions increased by 90% after replacing “your” with “my” in the reference call to action.

A/B testing can help you discover the best headline, button content, and background image combinations. You should also check for things like instantaneity, specificity, imagery, etc. You may be taken aback by the findings, but you can rest assured that the following optimizations will be more thorough and accurate.

Generate Better Ad Content

It is a known fact that nowadays, Ads content is pathetic. Content fails to generate any interest and is mostly repetitive. Here The Techno Studio UK plays its role; we utilize our intensive keyword research and engaging content to generate interest among potential leads.

Quality content can lead to Ads with higher click-through rates than normal resulting in a higher Quality Score.

Offer Free Demos And Discounts

Optimize your page content with keyword research and intense SEO activities. Generate high-performing landing pages with clear call-to-action. The top 10% of successful landing pages convert at rates three to five times higher than average.

Offering discounts and positioning them in the content can boost your lead generation activity results. Changing the color of buttons, font type, or spacing between words are only superficial refinements compared to this.

For example, software industries give a free demo version to familiarize clients with their service. Companies like Ahrefs provide free-to-use limited keywords and SERP tools to signify the importance of their tools for SEO activity.

If your conversion rate is 2% or lower, you need to make main changes, such as offering something new. Minimal improvements will inevitably yield minimal outcomes. On average, the top 10% of advertisers are seeing conversion rates of over 11%, while the top 25% are averaging over 5.31%. Your potential for development is enormous by offering discounts and free trials to potential customers.

Run An Intense Remarketing Campaign

With remarketing, you can keep track of users even after they leave your site. Utilizing this method, you can keep showing up in front of potential customers as they check their email, watch videos on YouTube, do searches on Google, or hang out on Facebook.

Even though 97% of people who visit your landing page won’t turn into sales, this feature can help you turn them into customers. Remarketing augments all your other marketing efforts like content marketing, email marketing or social media marketing by continuously placing in front of the customer’s eye.

Using Google’s Display Network for remarketing, you can reach 92% of the online US population across millions of sites, videos, and devices. We found that the rate of ad fatigue from remarketing campaigns is about half that of traditional campaigns. This means you should go all out and trust The Techno Studio UK to run a remarketing campaign for your startup.

Use Gmail Ads To Target Large Corporations’ Clients

The most valuable target leads in a SaaS business are those who use your competitors’ products. You may reach folks who are already interested in the products related to your niche by targeting your competitor’s clients. Target your AdWords campaign to only show up in the inboxes of such clients. Gmail ads are a great way to reach your desired demographic.

Numerous approaches exist for achieving this goal. One strategy is to go for terms your rivals are also likely to use. Join your rivals’ email lists, take a tally of the words and phrases they often use, and incorporate them as keywords.


Lead generation is undoubtedly a time-taking process, but its rewards make it worth the effort. Lead generation is the most important thing for every B2B marketer because leads eventually convert into sales. The higher the quality of leads, the more conversions will be.

Utilize any of the above lead-generation strategies for your startup to make a winning combination. If you still need clarification about what to do, contact The Techno Studio UK to know anything you need to grow your startup.

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