PPC Lead Generation

The Techno Studio UK PPC marketing company works with the client to understand and define key performance indicators (KPIs) for PPC lead generation. Some of the performance indicators include Return on Investment (ROI); Return on Ad Spend (ROAS); sales or revenue; leads and conversions; and cost per conversion. PPC lead generation is the process of building consumer interest in a service or product with the goal of turning the interest into a sale. This typically happens by collecting the visitor’s contact information by way of a web form. Tracking the visitors is an integral part of the success of PPC lead generation.

PPC Lead Generation Agency


The Techno Studio UK email marketing agency team has the skills and experience to efficiently and effectively provide a portfolio of email marketing services. These email marketing strategies and services help our clients expand their business presence on the Web. Some of the measurable benefits that ensue with our expertise and guidance include:

Display advertisement

A display ad is a type of digital advertisement which incorporates images, text and a URL that links to a website. There, the customer or potential customer can find more information about the products or services, as well as to make a purchase. Display advertising comes in many different formats. The ads can be animated or static. There may be multiple images, video images, or changing text. The latter type is known as rich media ads. The selection of style and content of the display advertisement is driven by the needs of the client’s products, services, or industry, as well as its overall pay per click strategy.

FAQs about SEO

Bulk email marketing services are a form of direct marketing. They rely on personalized, mass emails to inform customers or potential customers to take an action, including making a purchase or visiting a website.

Email marketing is a top-performing marketing strategy. It requires only an email list, an email service provider. and clearly defined goals.

Some of the main differences between email and SMS marketing services include length and security of the messages. SMS is usually for short messages with immediate response likely. Emails may be more lengthy and may build up to an informed call to action.

Email marketing campaigns are primarily inbound. The basis of email marketing is due to a subscriber willingly giving contact information which comes in to your business.