15 Must Used PPC Management Software

The PPC advertising market is made up of several different things. Everything must be tracked in real-time, from the use of keywords to changes in bids. A challenge too great for us common folk to handle. Fortunately, several trustworthy PPC management software platforms can help track our paid search marketing efforts and get the most out of ad spending. Some of these products are made to do one thing, like stop click fraud, while others may do everything for us. People will find what they are looking for on our list, whether a PPC agency looking for tools to help manage our client database or a business owner who only wants to give some of our PPC work to a third party. As a bonus, many of these resources may also help with other types of digital advertising, such as search engine optimization (SEO). Here are the 15 most good pay-per-click management tools.
15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

PPC Management Software’s


Opteo, a marketing firm in London, works with many well-known companies like Etsy, Dropbox, and Spotify. They say that their program has all the tools a Google Ads manager or agency might need in one place. It will keep an eye on our Google Ads accounts and let us know how to improve our campaign if it notices a big change. In particular, it can teach us about more than 40 different types of enhancements. These smart suggestions can be put to use right away in Google Ads.

We can also easily share detailed performance graphs with a larger marketing team. In short, it gives us everything we should know about the state of our Google Ads.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Budgeting tools
  • Behavior metrics
  • Slack integration
  • Google Ads statistics
  • Ad creative split testing
  • Checking for spelling errors


Skai, which used to be called Kenshoo, is now a self-service technology platform that helps companies find a neutral, all-encompassing way to optimize their paid search and paid social campaigns. Brands can use machine learning’s actionable insights and predictive techniques to plan, forecast, and optimize budgets automatically.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Flexible budgeting
  • Campaign review
  • Specific metrics
  • Implementing A/B testing on a large scale
  • Direct API interfaces with Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook


WordStream began as a keyword research tool but has grown to offer various advertising solutions and services. Check out their gold-standard tools for evaluating Google and Facebook pay-per-click campaigns.

The Google Ads Performance Grader is a free tool that can help us figure out how successful our advertising campaigns are. It does this by using a unique grading system.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

The Facebook Ads Performance Grader is also free. Its main users are organizations in the public and private sectors, and it will help them find missed opportunities.


AdEspresso by Hootsuite is one of the best eCommerce software for small and new businesses. It makes marketing campaigns easier to run on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

It’s a big deal that new page posts are automatically promoted. This feature can highlight organic posts based on our set criteria. Then, we can use its powerful reporting tools to determine how well we add posts.

It also optimizes itself automatically, which is a great bonus. This function improves our commercials by automatically looking at our ads, stopping the ones with the highest costs, and moving the money from those ads to the ones that do the best.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Facebook, Google, and Instagram split-testing
  • Grid composer
  • Reporting PDFs automatically


MarinOne is a program that is very flexible and cheap. Their website says that clients’ sales and productivity go up by an average of 30%. Their platform is very flexible and can be used in many ways, like paid social media and search engine marketing.

Our cross-channel dashboard lets us keep an eye on the health of our ads on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This is especially useful for sponsored social. Then, with the help of MarinOne Insights, we’ll be able to easily and quickly find ways to make more money while spending less.

If the sponsored search is our main concern, we can rest assured that all major Google Ads formats are supported. It also has a single interface for monitoring, managing, and optimizing paid search campaigns across multiple channels, such as Yandex and Microsoft, but not just those two.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Full-funnel bidding
  • Bulk upload tool
  • Message Booster for Instagram


BlueWinston is the place to go if we want help with Google Ads. It’s a piece of software that turns snippets of text about products into ads for Google Search, WeTube, Google Display, and Gmail.

Capterra ranks them as one of the best PPC management tools, and PPC agencies and individual users worldwide use their platform to promote their products. Their website says that they plan to add Yandex and Bing to their list of supported search engines in the future.

Their website says that we can expect a 500% return on investment (ROI) and a 20% rise in click-through rate (CTR). It can also save money by cutting the conversion cost by about a third.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Automatic keyword generation
  • Automated text ads builder
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Automatic ad creation for product groups
  • 24/7 support


If we have problems with click fraud, Clixtell is a great tool to use. According to their website, more than 25% of clicks may be fake.

In short, it could protect pay-per-click spending by keeping us Bing Ads and Google Ads accounts from being hacked. It will also give us a detailed, personalized report that we can send to Google and Bing to show that we clicked on the wrong thing and get a full refund.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Detection of click fraud round-the-clock
  • Tracking and recording of click-to-call adverts
  • Custom reporting and analytics


If we come to Influencer Marketing Hub often, we know that we talk about Semrush. Overall, it’s a solid, all-in-one digital marketing platform for businesses of any size. It works well for both search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. They have seven specialized resources for pay-per-click and other types of sponsored content promotion.

The paid marketing tool lets us see what terms our competitors are bidding on, so we can spy on them. We can also use it to find the best keywords for our writing. Its Keyword Magic Tool lets us search the largest keyword database for the words that best describe our search.

The Keyword Manager and the Keyword Gap are two other useful tools. With the Keyword Manager, we can look at up to a thousand keywords at once. But we can use the Keyword Gap tool to find out what popular paid keywords our competitors use.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Rank tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • PPC keyword research


ClickGUARD is another way to stop click fraud, and reputable companies like NordVPN endorsed it. By looking into billions of clicks, they have stopped click fraud from costing their clients $50 million.

All we need to do is set up ClickGUARD and connect it to Google Ads. The software will then find out where the click came from and compare what the user did after clicking to known fraud patterns because it constantly watches incoming traffic. To keep Google Ads safe, it will stop suspicious clicks immediately at their source. In other words, it will be easy for newcomers to start.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Several different forensic reports
  • Records for refund claims


Fiuti is a set of tools that work together to help Google Ads campaigns improve. We can speed up making a Google Ads campaign by using the SKAG generator tool. There are also keyword tools, like a planner, that we can use. We can get a free trial report to help us decide if this tool is right for us.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Keyword tool
  • Extension and ad generation
  • Campaign creator


Adzooma thinks about everything when it comes to online advertising. Even though it is a PPC platform at its core, users have found that it is good at much more. The company has already made more than 130 million impressions, led to about 200 million conversions, and kept more than a billion dollars from being wasted on advertising.

Everything else is based on the credit score of our business. Once we have a better idea of where the company’s resources should go to help it grow, the next step is to use its easy-to-use campaign builder to make new online marketing plans. Once our campaigns are up and running, it will track how well they are doing and give us free reports with expert advice.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Ads on Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are optimized.
  • Reports on PPC performance
  • Integration of Google Analytics


If we need help with Amazon PPC, we want to go to RevenueWize. It gives us an Amazon campaign monitor that can help us make more money and spend less on things we don’t need to. Their website says they’ve helped customers boost their sales by up to 25%.

There is also support for keywords. With the help of the Amazon Keyword Tool, we can find new words without making duplicates.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Recommendations for bids
  • Analysis of ad spending
  • Useful insights
  • Placement improvement


EDEE is a service we can use to get help with our money. With this tool, which works with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, we can ensure we spend only a little or little on digital marketing. It can set up different budget cycles, keep track of rollover amounts, and automatically stop advertising, among other things. Still, small businesses probably need more money for ads since the least they have to spend each month is more than $20,000.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

Key features

  • Monthly and custom budget cycles
  • Budget pacing reporting
  • Overspend control


Madgicx is an all-in-one advertising platform powered by AI that lets us optimize ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Big brands like Rip Curl are already using it. Account optimization is easy if we give it key performance indicators and goals and let its algorithms do the rest. With a minimum ad spend of $1,000, it is a good choice for solopreneurs, small businesses, and new businesses.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

It was also on the list of best PPC tools for 2021 that Capterra made. After looking at 130 products and comparing the most popular ones, we came up with this hand-picked list. It did very well in terms of both user reviews and sales as a whole.


This company only offers services for PPC Management. JumpFly is determined to let people know that PPC is a good business. JumpFly works with Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to make ads and campaigns work better.

15 Best PPC Management Software In 2023

JumpFly gives its customers a simple way to do things, and if there are any problems, they can talk to an account executive. Pay-per-click management services from JumpFly are made up of two parts. JumpFly wants to know everything about our website, advertising needs, and budget.

After JumpFly and we have agreed on the terms, the first stage can begin. It will include a full study and plan of the market. In the second stage, we get full service, including help with copyright violations and regularly making changes to our strategy. JumpFly looks at its business ideas and clients as a whole. Building relationships is important for the success of any business.


Search engine optimization solutions include pay-per-click management software. It can plan budgets, track campaigns, and improve them. The software comes in many different forms.

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