1. Keyword Research

We use a selection of the best available tools, such as search engine marketing Google analytics to help with research into keyword frequency and appropriateness. Different industries have buzzwords that occur more frequently, but a searcher may not know the exact terms to use to obtain information about the products or services related to the industry. In addition to industry-specific terms, the search query may be linked to local or regional-based places. The Techno Studio UK, Google ad manager consultant does the research to determine which search terms are receiving the widest usage, particularly in markets where the interest is global. We also help your local customers find you through use of a search engine marketing strategy.

2. Market Analysis

Our detailed and up-to-date analysis of the marketplace, as it related to your particular business, location, and industry is focused on identifying tactics and strategies for positioning your client’s business to be strategically placed and better able to attract and serve prospective customers. The analysis includes, but is not limited to the market dynamics, potential customer niches, purchasing patterns, and your competition.
The Techno Studio UK, SEM services company collects the information through its knowledge of the tools of the trade, and performs collation and prioritizing of the details in order to extract the most relevant information in the market.

3. Competitor analysis

Our adwords consultant professional team includes research into the abilities, techniques, and weaknesses of your competitors, as well as peers. We are able to determine what ideas and strategies are used and how well they are working. This knowledge allows us to take one or more tracks in your market strategies. We may identify which techniques are working well and utilize them in your marketing campaign. We will avoid those strategies which are limiting the growth of the customer base. We may also identify methods and implement a focus which incorporates the freshest and most effective concepts customized to your business clientele.

4. Campaign Setup

Designing a marketing campaign is not limited to a one-shot-takes-all process. A campaign created by The Techno Studio UK, ads expert is designed to look at immediate steps as well as more time-distant steps. Coordination of all the aspects of your marketing is an overriding principle which helps ensure the search engine marketing optimization team to stay focused in our planning and coordination with the customer. Our customized campaigns will ensure that the campaign is planned in detail, but includes a measure of adaptability to be flexible in its approach. Planning for expectations and goals is as important as the earlier steps.

5. Campaign management

All the planning in the world is pointless unless it is followed by action. Our SEM management services professional marketing team members have the knowledge and experience to manage the operation of your marketing campaign details. Our Google ads specialist UK campaigns are designed to be agile, as well as effective. We have our fingers on the pulse of the marketplace so that necessary adjustments are quickly implemented. We incorporate the appropriate measurements of the elements of the campaign, so we know when a strategy is working or needs to be tweaked. The marketplace is not static. It ebbs and flows according to the presence of many different factors and characteristics.

6. Reporting

Whether your business is a tiny startup or a multi-national corporate entity, The Techno Studio UK, best SEM company understands that you need to know how our campaigns on your behalf are working. The reporting which we provide can be as flexible or as casual as your needs and preferences dictate. We want to be an active partner, working with you and for you to improve the level of your market presence. As your needs and goals are reached, we want to show you the proof of our skills and abilities in the number of real customers which find your business.




The Techno Studio UK Search Engine Marketing solutions company stands behind its promises. We identify the key performance indicators involved in our efforts on your behalf. We want you to be able to determine if and how we are doing the job for you. Your satisfaction is elemental to the continued growth of our business and your business. These are some of the applicable components and modules which we can provide for your business.

CRO Marketing


Conversion Rate Optimization is the practice of enhancing the number or percentage of visitors to a website who perform a desired action. The action may vary, according to the type of website and the industry involved.

CTR Marketing


The Click-through rate is the ratio of visitors who click on a particular link divided by the total number of users who view an advertisement, page, or email. The CTR is one of the measurements of how successful an online advertising campaign is, when linked to a particular web page.

Return on Investment


ROI is an acronym for Return on Investment. When used as a performance indicator for a marketing campaign, it is typically understood to mean the amount of growth in revenues which can be attributed to the cost of a marketing campaign.

Digital Brand Awareness

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is a measurement of how well your client’s name or logo is known by the market segment and the general public as well. Before the days of digital marketing, potential customers could walk the store aisles and see new products which might lead to trying them.

Negative SEO is a malicious black hat practice which can sabotage the ranking of your website. Negative SEO tactics are unethical and may even be illegal. A search engine ranking which has been damaged can be a challenge to correct. If your website has experienced an attack of this type, you need the skills of the professionals at The Techno Studio, Google Ads consultant, to identify the source of the attack, and to implement corrective measures. The goal of our strategies is to identify areas where a negative attack has occurred and to clean out the damaging materials or links.
SEM Consultant
Local Search Engine Optimization
Even with products which are sold around the globe, buyers will often search the digital sphere to find a nearby source for the product. For a range of services, it is even more critical to ensure that your business is visible when prospective customers are looking for a nearby source for the service. Customers or patients of doctors, attorneys, roofers, therapists, and others don’t want to travel long distances to acquire the services they need. A campaign to raise awareness of the practitioner within the service area of the business is one of the search engine marketing local services provided by The Techno Studio UK.

Frequesntly Ask Question about SEM

Search engine marketing campaigns (SEM) usually refer to paid digital ad campaigns. Alternatively, SEM can be used to refer to all marketing actions within a search engine, paid or unpaid.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has a goal of getting visibility and traffic to the customer’s website from both paid and organic searches, while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is focused on the optimization of the website so as to obtain traffic from organic search results.

Negative keywords are used to prevent your ads from appearing to those searchers who submit search queries which are unrelated to your products or services. The effective use of negative keywords by The Techno Studio UK gives the client’s business the best opportunity to achieve connections with the potential audience most likely to be interested. This practice is a more cost effective way of spending marketing dollars.

Search engine marketing is useful for your business because it is one of the most cost-efficient methods to reach a niche audience when they are ready to purchase. About 9 of 10 online searches are done by those who have already made the decision to buy. If you are looking for an SEM specialist near me, or a Google Ads specialist near me, The Techno Studio UK is your best choice.

Correctly used, Search Engine Marketing reaches an energized audience. It is easy and fast to implement. The strategies are measurable and they enhance the customer’s brand awareness. Because of the ease of use, SEM is often considered the search engine marketing for beginners.

Some of the features of SEM which are especially beneficial include increasing traffic through visibility of ads. SEM allows you to create geo-targeted search ads. With Search Engine Marketing, you only pay for action.

The Techno Studio UK professional Search Engine Marketing team uses consistent strategies to operate SEM campaigns.  Some of the key elements include researching the target audience; using options to target the niche audience; following best practices for ad structure; experimenting with ad designs; leveraging ad extensions; and creating an excellent landing page.

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