SEO Best Practices to Increase Organic Traffic

8 Best SEO Practices To Improve Ranking In Search Engines

What Are The Best SEO Practices

SEO recommended practices aim to improve a website’s search engine ranking. Best search engine optimization practices typically include keyword research and link building.

Implement Important SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization is confined to a wide range of activities. To the best of one’s ability, one must complete everything exactly as intended, which is no small feat. On top of all that, the Internet has increased competitiveness to unprecedented levels.

Everyone makes mistakes, but if we take the right approach, we have a chance to stay ahead of the game. There are some important practices for SEO.

Get To Know The Audience

Using SEO best practices and methods often necessitates paying close attention to our target audience. We’re creating content that’s tailored to their interests. These are the people who eventually buy our products or services. To help us figure out our demographics, here are a few tried-and-true techniques:

The Use Of Google Analytics

Even advertising efforts and internet transactions may be tracked with the right technology. To learn about our website’s visitors and the content they prefer, use Google Analytics. It’s one of the most prominent Internet analytics tools and free.

Visitors’ Surveys

We can access a wide range of survey options using systems like WordPress. We can ask our clients what they like most, what they’d want to see more of, and other demographic information that comes to mind.

Go Beyond Keywords

A modern marketing strategy requires more than just identifying the ideal keywords for our content and ads. In addition, keep in mind the aim of our search. It’s a lot like studying how people search for certain information. If we want to put it another way, we need to know what people are looking for to succeed. One of the best SEO tactics is using long-tail keywords connected to the topic. Because of this, long-tail keywords have a far higher SEO conversion rate.

Emphasize The Benefits Of Mobile Phones

  • Mobile devices account for 51.2% of all web traffic. A majority of our visitors are accessing the page from a mobile device. This is why responsive design is very necessary.
  • Because mobile engagement is so important, Google uses it as a search statistic. We might expect lower search engine rankings if our website isn’t mobile-friendly. So, we are following our SEO best practices.
  • It’s not just the website design that needs to be considered. Voice search optimization is also a critical component of online success. About 46 percent of people use voice search daily to find nearby businesses.
  • Shorter sentences and paragraphs might do reading on smaller screens simpler.
  • A lot of the time, desktop and mobile optimization go hand in hand. Images, layout, and page load time will help our site’s visitors.

Recognize The Strength Of SSL

It would help if we switched HTTP to HTTPS to improve our website’s search engine rankings. This feature also impacts our website’s search engine rankings. An SSL certificate will show search engines that our site is secure. As a result, our website will rise in search engine rankings.

Users’ web browsers are starting to notify them when a site is safe or not. Chrome will label the URL as “Secure” if it detects an SSL certificate. It improves the brand’s reputation as well as the trust of its customers.

Backlink To People As Well As Yourself

Since they help develop authority, backlinks are essential to SEO best practices efforts. These signals to search engines show that our material is appreciated and that our pages are considered important by users.

An authoritative source must be used rather than a random link. More backlinks mean more traffic. Search engines, on the other hand, are divided on this strategy.

Another part of the practice is the distribution of backlinks. When we reference our sources with links, search engines can understand that our content is based on facts, not just made-up stuff. Fake news gains more importance than ever to back up our claims.

Link The Content Internally

Backlinks aren’t the only thing to be concerned about. Our content must be linked internally if search engines want to understand what content is most important to us. As with backlinks, our internal links must have a logical relationship.

Using an internal link is a way to expand the scope of our current content. In a sense, it’s like providing the reader with additional resources to assist them in going further into the subject.

Making these requires a great deal of restraint and caution. An issue arises when links are employed excessively in our content to the point that search engine optimization suffers.

Make sure our website has a strong relationship to certain content by writing lengthier, more in-depth articles.

These connections must be clear to the reader for them to be effective. If a search engine cannot understand anything, it will be difficult for a person to understand. SEO will have an issue as a result of this.

Enhance Readability Of Content

The SEO best practices tactics require that our content be readable. The vocabulary that is used in voice search matters because it is what entices the listener. Not only is it easier to read for people, but it also aids in search engine optimization. The average level of literacy is the most important ranking element.

People are searching for it when they’re looking for information. If we’re ever undecided, give this a shot. Shorter phrases, leaner paragraphs, and headers are all ways to make content more readable. If we’re using WordPress, I recommend Yoast SEO. It has a readability checker as standard functionality.

Remember To Include The Media

94% more visitors go to photo-rich websites than text-only ones. The use of visuals in SEO best practices-recommended practices is, therefore, quite frequent. As a result, the content is easier to understand and more likely to elicit a response from the reader.

On the contrary, it goes a step beyond. Including video content boosts our online marketing presence. Up to 54% of marketers claim to have increased their company’s visibility through video content. In addition, YouTube and other video-sharing platforms make it easy to include a video on a website.

The most critical step is ensuring our Meta tag information is optimized for search engines. Search engines can use the ALT and description tags for movies and photographs to understand more about the content of the media. As a result, it is simpler to comprehend what is being discussed.


SEO best practices described above are a good place to start if we want to increase search rankings. Regardless of our industry, we will face stiff competition for a spot on Google’s first page.

Once we’ve implemented these best practices, we’ll want to stay on top of the latest SEO trends and approaches by being abreast of the overall SEO industry.

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Adnan Settler

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