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The London-based best social media marketing agency brings a wide range of skills and experience in the marketing niche for social media. It’s an essential need of every business to outsource social media marketing and hire a knowledgeable and experienced social media manager to identify the best timing, location, and ads for great results. The Techno Studio UK, is a small social media agency but has the right skills to help B2B social media marketing strategy clients across the globe.

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Social media marketing agency for small business

Most people today are spending a lot more time on their phones. Time spent on the phone typically is spent using various social media platforms. Social media users often interact with companies that they already do business with, or may be interested in.

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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness techniques for small businesses are particularly effective. Social media channels can be utilized for brand awareness campaigns. Some of the tactics and strategies include sharing of easy-to-create content. As with other types of digital marketing, social media posts build relationships with promote loyalty.

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Build Engagements

Building strong social media engagements demonstrates that your business or organization is making its presence felt in the market. We provide the methods and practices that encourage followers to think of you when it is time to purchase products or services from your business. We also track the effectiveness of social media presence.

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Organic Social Promotions

Any type of social media activity which doesn’t include a paid promotion is considered organic. The method uses free social media to increase and engage with a following online. Inorganic or paid social media is influenced by advertising dollars. We post the right type of low cost social media content at the right time, to the right niche audience.

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Online Reputation

The social media marketing agency UK professionals are dedicated to managing how your business is viewed online. The assessment and analysis of the client’s website and social media presence from the viewpoint of a partner, potential customer, or reporter is the role of our team of professionals. We look for, and analyze information about your product or service, your people, and your brand when a Google search is performed. Knowledge of the reputation is just the first part of the work. The Techno Studio UK also takes steps to maintain appropriate reputation levels using methods which have been shown to produce positive results.

Online Reputation​ Management

Social Media Management Services

Boost Website Traffic

Optimizing social profiles encourages people who want to know more about your brand to check out your profile or bio section. Using social credibility to enhance the value of your site introduces the human voice into the brand experience of the customer. We take care of all the activities to capture interest and retain traffic. We provide the reviews, social comments, and feedback to the social media website and content.

Social Media Marketing Funnel

The social media sales funnel is the pathway which your customers follow in their interactions with your business. Social media management process identifies what your user is experiencing at various midpoints on their pathway. Just as a funnel begins with a broad opening and directs the flow to a narrow opening and social media marketing services funnel directs customers to your specific action page in social media.

Social Media Management

Social media management is the process of identifying specific social media niche audiences and creating a strategy that is tailored for their needs. The content is created and distributed for social media profiles;, collaborating with influencers; monitoring conversations online; providing community service; and measuring, monitoring, and preparing reports on social media performance and Return on Investment (ROI).

Profile Setup and Integration

The Techno Studio UK will help you to create your brand page or profile setup on any of the main social media platforms. Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the best known. Social media integration is the process of using social media accounts to be an effective extension of your overall marketing strategies. Social media integration is usually done in two ways. First, your social media audience is pointed in the direction of your website.

Strategy and Planning

Social media strategy and planning begins with identifying the desired goals. Some of the goals which lend themselves to action on social media platforms include increasing brand awareness, driving more website traffic, generation more leads and increasing customer engagement and loyalty, and supporting other efforts in marketing. It makes a difference in the type of social media campaign which Techno Studio UK conducts for our clients. Our professional team is experienced in every part of the process of setting goals, creating strategies and planning for the implementation of those strategies.

Consultation and Audience Research

Social media marketing relies on a thorough assessment of the audience. The Techno Studio UK, SMM audit process uses statistics which includes total followers, new followers, new accounts you follow, male percentage and female percentage, primary age group, primary location, and Google Analytics alignment. Spending all of the money in the world to produce the best content is wasted if you don’t reach the audience. Before investing time, resources, and effort on marketing campaigns, we will help you to determine the target audience and how best to reach them. Audience research lets businesses direct resources and your brand message to a specific demographic that is more likely to purchase from you.

Strategy and Planning​

FAQ's about Social Media Marketing

A social media agency uses paid advertising or organic content production on various social media platforms to achieve your business goals. The type of advertising will depend upon the nature of the business and the personality of the niche audience.

SMM is Social Media Marketing and SMO is Social Media Optimization. There are similarities between the two, but the main difference is that SMM refers to activities which take place outside of your website, while SMO refers to on-page changes on your website. Social Media Optimization is a way to encourage Social Media Marketing activities by traffic to your website.


Social media marketing is any social media action taken which is not paid. This can include posting about blogs, sharing information with followers, or commenting in social media groups. SMM advertising is an action on social media that is paid.


Outsourcing social media has an advantage over radio, television,  magazines, and other traditional media platforms. Using social media, you can offer information regarding your business in a fast and cost-effective manner and potentially reach millions of people with your message. The Techno Studio UK social media marketing agency for small business brings their expertise to their clients.

The Techno Studio UK agency works with clients to align business goals with B2B social media marketing strategy. The professionals help to identify the channels that are best able to help clients to reach target markets.