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Website development company is an experienced company providing full-service web development near London UK, as well as digitally around the globe.

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Develop Your Business Website Through The Techno Studio UK

Our website development services consist of five steps: planning, analysis, design and development, testing, and implementation and maintenance. The Techno Studio UK is a full service Web development business that can provide competent work and results to each client, regardless of the industry.



Website Development Process


The Techno Studio UK identifies the key elements of the client’s business. Both the immediate conditions in the client’s business and the long-term goals are identified. Some of the elements which are included in the planning phase are the overall marketplace, competitors, and the technical aspects which are linked to the major search engines


We gather and compare information about the Web and how it operates. This information is used to improve the overall quality of the Web and to identify areas where there might be problems which arise. The entire process is not an overnight result. It is time-consuming and requires long hours of commitment behind the scenes by our business analysts, developers, designers and testers.

Design and Development

When the necessary information is gathered and analyzed, it is time to put it into a format where it can be most effective. The web design is linked to the aesthetics of your website. The design is related to how the website looks and feels on the outside. On the other hand, web development also refers to how the website operates. The Techno Studio UK uses the umbrella term of web design and development to describe the process of creating the website.

Implementation and Maintenance

The Techno Studio UK doesn’t stop with launching a new or updated website. We continue by taking care of simplifying onerous tasks including fixing bugs, monitoring performance, upgrading software, creating backups, administering email service, and tweaking the speed of the site. We also set up third party integration for services such as Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and affiliate tracking. We bring our expertise for all types of upgrades and tweaking that is necessary for every website on occasion.

Web Development Services

Responsive web design is an approach to web development which creates dynamic changes in the way the website looks. It considers factors such as the size of the screen and the orientation of the device being used to access the website.

Shopify Development

Shopify offers a number of tools to help businesses get started selling quickly. The Techno Studio UK will work with clients to ensure that the overall design meets the unique specifications and requirements for the business.

E-commerce Web Development

E-commerce web development is the process of developing the technical aspects of a commercial website. The Techno Studio UK handles how it functions, how it accepts payments, and behaves when users interact with the site. In addition, the e-commerce website must appear aesthetically appealing.

CMS Web Development

Content management system or CMS web development is an application used to manage content. It permits multiple contributors to create, edit, and publish to the website. The content in a CMS is usually stored in a database. It is displayed in a presentation tier, based on templates like a website.

Using Full Stack Technologies

HTML CSS Javascript REACT Boostrap are the programming languages which are commonly used for frontend web development. Knowing which languages to use is what makes the professional team at The Techno Studio UK a premier choice not only for their knowledge of the various programming languages, but for their communication skills with their human clients.


We provide PHP web development service, as well as Java and Laravel. usually classified as languages and framework tools respectively. Java is described as a class-based, concurrent, object oriented language designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Laravel is a language built on a PHP framework. It is known for its elegant and expressive syntax.
WordPress CMS Development

Frequently Ask Question

Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining websites. They also take care of the technical aspects of the website, including capacity and performance.

Web development usually refers to coding and web markup, but also includes all related development activities. The actions are comprised of content management system (CMS) development,  ecommerce development, network and server security configuration, and server and client-side scripting. AMP web development is open source HTML framework created by Google as a competitor to Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles.

A PWA (progressive web application) uses similar technology to those used by web apps, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Unlike web apps, a progressive web app is able to use most device features such as push notifications.