Website Design Affect SEO

8 Tips to Build a Website Design With SEO Strategy

Website design with SEO is the best practice to rank your website higher in search engine rankings and boost customer experience efficiently.

Websites are necessary to put your business on the online map. However, SEO is required to let searchers find your website and generate online relevance.

Businesses need to divert their attention to integrating websites design with SEO to achieve higher search engine rankings. Most sites look lavish but often miss out on basic SEO practices, which greatly limits their audience.

Why Should Website Design Be SEO-Friendly

Suppose you have designed a stunning website but aren’t able to rank it on search engines. In such cases, you might wonder what went wrong. SEO is the answer to all your worries. Integrating web design with SEO efforts is the way to go, regardless of how attractive a website is.

SEO-friendly sites help your websites in the following ways:

  • Boost Customer Experience: SEO aims to provide relevant information to website visitors. With optimized content and better website speed, SEO boosts the customer experience to reduce the bounce rate.
  • Optimize Sites to search Engine Needs: Search engines upgrade their algorithms from time to time. SEO allows you to optimize sites while keeping the latest trend to improve search engine rankings.
  • Increase Engagement: Digital marketing is about reaching more customers and engaging with them. Combining web development with SEO, you can engage customers through content and clear calls to action.
  • Generate Positive ROI: Increasing online presence with website and SEO efforts brings quality leads to your site and convert them into customers. All these efforts generate a positive return on investment for your business.

Tips To Improve Website Ranking With SEO

Now that you know the need for SEO, you will be intrigued to know how to integrate website design with SEO. Here is a list of tips you can implement to integrate web design with SEO:

8 Tips to Build a Website Design With SEO Strategy

Choose An SEO-Friendly Domain

The domain name plays a significant role in reflecting your brand’s niche. Choose a name that truly reflects your brand identity and aligns with the searches your potential customers do for your product.

If your website is about IT services, opt for a name that reflects the IT aspect of your site. For example, you can name your site like ours, “The Techno Studio,” which clearly represents our connection with the information & Technology field.

Choose a name that is unique yet compelling and fits your services perfectly.

Improve Content Readability 

Websites are as good as their content. SEO is what optimizes your content according to the best practices for search engines. If website visitors can’t comprehend your content, they miss out on your brand’s words.

Optimize your font styles and content presentation so readers can comprehend it effortlessly. For this purpose, use headings and sub-headings to guide the customers through the reading journey.

Visitors spend more time on a user-friendly website. Content optimization is one of the preferred ways to minimize the bounce rate.

Optimize Images

Images are instrumental in winning the attention of website visitors. Optimizing these images according to the search engine’s demands is an important step in integrating web design with SEO.

Consider the following points when optimizing images for your website:

Image name: Add keywords to the image name to tell the search engine what the image represents.

Alt tags: These tags allow Google Algorithm to understand what is happening in the picture.

Image size: Keep the image size as small as possible to optimize its loading speed.

Content and images are two of the main contributors to your website. So, ensure to optimize them to suit your website design best.

Boost Website Speed

Have you identified what is slowing down your website speed? There is a huge chance it is something related to your website design.

Website speed has an enormous influence on bounce rate. No visitor will want to wait for your website to load. For this reason, you need to optimize every aspect of your web design to make it more responsive.

Optimize domain host, file size, plugin, and traffic volume to render your site user-friendly. If your site speed restricts Google’s ability to crawl maximum pages, you won’t be able to rank your site higher.

Work On Website Navigation

Designers and developers need to be on the same page to improve the overall outlook of your site. They can design proper website navigation utilizing internal links to display every service/product on the homepage.

Target specific keywords by naming sub-categories on the page accordingly to rank the website homepage higher on SERP. Let’s analyze the following website to understand SEO-friendly site navigation better.

The Techno Studio UK have provided internal links to all services they offer on the home page. These internal links are like a guide that will give visitors a tour of your site.

Develop Sitemaps

While discussing website navigation, mentioning sitemaps is necessary. They are essential to help search engines intelligently crawl your website to comprehend your site better.

Sitemaps staying true to their name guide Google through your site’s web pages, files, images, and everything else. These maps really help Google travel the world of your website. Search engines will be able to understand your site better and, in return, rank the site higher in SERP.

Ensure The Site Is Mobile-Friendly

More than 60% of worldwide online traffic comes from mobile phones. Being mobile responsive will allow you to reach a vaster audience and provide a smooth experience for all of them.

 If your website is not mobile-friendly, there are higher chances of increasing bounce rates. Google demerits your search ranking points on a higher bounce rate. Now, it is not even an option to have a mobile non-responsive site.

Optimize Web Design For Conversions

Design your website keeping conversion rate optimization in mind. CRO is a way to bring high-quality leads and convert them into customers. No matter how lavishly designed your website is, it is a complete failure if it cannot bring in enough customers.

Optimize your site to guide them through the sales funnel smoothly. Through CRO, you can provide everything to the visitor they came looking for on your website.

You can optimize your website for conversions with a compelling SEO strategy, optimized website design and clear calls to action.

Making Web Design And SEO Work Together

SEO-friendly websites are in demand, so collaborating website development with SEO should be on top of the checklist. A professional hand is required to achieve such delicacy and deliver your message to the right audience.

The Techno Studio UK, with its professional web developers, can help you integrate SEO strategy into web development and bring online relevance.

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