Responsive WordPress Design and Development

Responsive web design is an approach to web development which creates dynamic changes in the way the website looks. It considers factors such as the size of the screen and the orientation of the device being used to access the website. WordPress is particularly suited to responsive design. Understanding how to use the features is the specialty of The Techno Studio UK.

Responsive WordPress Design and Development​

Development Services

WordPress Installation

WordPress is sold as a popular subscription platform which the agency uses to build an all-in-one e-commerce platform. The skills of The Techno Studio UK developers are applied effectively to ensure that the components are utilized in the manner to ensure an agile, effective and aesthetically pleasing website

WordPress theme development

Preparing for a unified theme is more than just the look of the website. Because The Techno Studio UK is a full-service agency, they work with every aspect of the client’s appearance, functionality, and branding on the Web. The client’s focus doesn’t have to be on the technical aspects of the web development.

WordPress ecommerce development

There are many premade themes which are suitable for online storefronts. In addition, WordPress has a number of plugins which can add complete e-Commerce functions to a basic website. The plug-ins include everything from product displays to shopping carts to checkouts. The team of professional developers ensure that everything works together in the website.

WordPress plugin development

Our professionals at The WordPress agency bring their expertise to the further development of plugins. These components are a quick and easy solution to improve the website functionality. Some of the plug ins which can add to the effectiveness of the client’s business include social integration, Google Maps, and more.

WordPress blog development

Because WordPress is the power for a large segment of websites, it is one of the easiest ways to go about creating a blog and making the blog reflect the brand of the client. The building of a website is an important component of establishing infrastructure on the Web. Adding fresh and interesting material to the site is something we can help with.

WordPress backup and migration

Protection of the data which goes to make up your e-commerce website contents is not a task that should be ignored. The Techno Studio UK team ensures that data such as content, inventory, performance details, and more is maintained through transparent processes and programs. The WordPress development team takes care of both the hidden portions of maintaining your website as well as the visible portions.

WordPress support and Maintenance

WordPress, like other programs and platforms undergoes various revisions and updates. These changes may be simple and minor in nature, or can be a major change in the level of complexity and approach. It is the responsibility of the team at The Techno Studio UK to ensure that the website and all of its associated apps continue to operate smoothly and accurately.

WordPress speed and performance

The most attractive WordPress website may not be enough for customers who navigate the site. The website needs to load smoothly and quickly, so visitors don’t give up while waiting for the information to appear. Our team takes care of the improved performance and speed processes. There are several factors which make the speed and performance work at optimal levels.

PSD to WordPress

PSD is a PhotoShop Design file. The acronym also is a Photoshop document, a proprietary type of file from Adobe. Transferring images of products improves the marketability of the client’s business. Buyers tend to be attracted to images of the products they might be considering of purchasing. Because images tend to attract more attention and the customer is looking for the specific product.

WordPress security

Security against hackers and other troublemakers is an important part of The Techno Studio UK duties. Attacks from outside can ruin the customers’ experience in the entire transaction. Loss of privacy, financial losses and other types of attacks can happen when the security has gaps in effectiveness. Our expert team works with the WordPress software to ensure that the client’s website is fully protected.

WordPress API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) is software that allows two different applications to talk to each other. WordPress API integration is managed efficiently and smoothly by our professional team of programmers and developers. Regardless of the size of the client’s e-commerce operation, whether a single site or one with many layers and branches, it is important that the apps be linked smoothly.

WordPress Payment Solutions

Payment solutions are a major part of any e-commerce site. The amount of business which is conducted online continues to expand. Customers want to be able to be assured that their payments will be accomplished accurately and efficiently. Merchant accounts, credit cards, or other third party solutions are all payment solutions which might be incorporated at the client’s website. We will assist with the installation and operation of solutions for payment.

Why you choose?

There are several reasons for picking The Techno Studio UK as your agency of choice when its time to do WordPress development. We have the depth of expertise in our professional team to do the work necessary to make the process go smoothly. We have a global presence. We are more than just WordPress developers. The Techno Studio UK professionals have the experience and knowledge to complete a full range of services.
WordPress, as an open source CMS, is free to develop on right away, which means that the framework is well-known, making it easy to find inspiration, solutions, and manuals on how to manage the content on your site.

The backend content management panel, which was built with a user/administrator first methodology, is simple to understand, customise, and maintain, making the site scalable and future proof for website owners to generate their own content.

WordPress has a large fan and development base as a result of its popularity over the last eighteen years, which means there are thousands of plugins available to WordPress users to extend the functionality of their site.

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Word Press is one of the most popular services to build a website. Web development is doing the full development of the website from the ground up.


A WordPress developer does coding within the platform of the WordPress software. A web developer is the terminology for someone who does the coding for websites.

While some developers resent WordPress, it actually is helping to promote online development, rather than destroying it. WordPress is stable and a good starting point to build on.

 The WordPress platform is one of the most popular with thousands of businesses using it. It is flexible and easy for beginners to use. The software is effective for mobile applications. Plugins and a built-in blog make the WordPress sites more functional.